Flex Time

Kids, as students, come in many shapes and sizes.

Their work habits are just as unique.

Some prefer to complete work while seated at desks.

Others like to move to a separate location.

Still others choose to sit on the carpet.

Maybe lounge on a whistle cushion.

Or stand behind a desk or table.

Sometimes seating choices come as a surprise.

There was one today who put her head on her desk.

And closed her eyes.

That’s not an approved flexible seating option.



4 thoughts on “Flex Time

  1. LOL. As much as I loved flexible seating in my classroom, the closed eye choice wasn’t something I allowed either. Although one young man I would ignore once in awhile when I found out he worked an overnight shift at a local factory. It was a necessity in his life, so once in awhile, I had to just let him sleep.

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  2. I see this in my class too. Everyone has a favorite chair or corner or pillow they like to sit on. But no sleeping allowed!


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