Happy Hour

It’s happy hour at the lake.

Adults balance a beverage of choice and their charges.

No lifeguard on duty invites boldness

In and out of the water.

A melange of floats is in attendance.




Even an arching rainbow complete with clouds.

Something for everyone.

A family of ducks shows up — lingers.

Salsa music whispers in the background as teens stage a photoshoot.

Did someone say, “Water snake?”

Families cluster together

Laughing, smiling, watching,

As the sun lowers in the sky.

Grills are on and pizza is on the way.

Tomorrow brings promises

Of better sunscreen application.

It’s happy hour at the lake.

3 thoughts on “Happy Hour

  1. It’s funny – I almost put a disclaimer on this post that I was just an observer – from a great distance. In my haste to publish, I opted against it. We have been very isolated both in NH and MA. I think part of my observations made me wonder if the guests were aware of the pandemic or were they carrying on as usual? Hoping you have been able to crack open lots of great books since Book Love!


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