Loose Ends

The crate with the pup went in first
Duffels and food bags followed
Teens filed in to the middle row
Not enough space

Out came the crate (and the pup)
Duffels and food bags rearranged
Teens stayed put

Insert pup (minus the crate)
Loose ends arrive late to the party
Joined the puzzle that is packing

We're off

Minutes into departure
Panic set in

"Where is the chocolate pie?" 
Utter brain freeze
Shoulders shrug

"Stop the car!"
Mind traveled back to loose ends
Remembered resting pie on roof of car
Sneaked a peek when car came to rolling stop

Mystery of chocolate pie's whereabouts solved
Laughter abounds
Sets a sweet tone for the journey ahead

5 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. So, how was the pie!??!?
    Your slice reminded me of the time that we drove over a half-hour away from our house (for a week away at the beach) only to realize that we left our toiletry bag at home. We were supposed to visit friends for lunch in NY (on our way). Going back would make us late, but not going back would cost us hundreds of dollars. So we went back and we were late. Thankfully, we’re still friends.
    AND< we always ask one another, "Did you remember to put the toiletry bag in the car?" It's become a running joke.

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    • The pie is a staple in our dessert repertoire! It is so delectable…and such a guilty pleasure! We paired it with local raspberry ice cream, but it is just as satisfying on its own! I think this story will be repeated orally for years to come…much like your toiletry case! Thanks for reading!


  2. The mystery of its whereabouts solved – haha! Love this so much. I can totally relate with those moments of panic just to have been in such a hurry that there was nothing to panic about after all. Hope the pie was yummy!

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