Refrigerator Puzzle

On a good day, our side by side refrigerator mostly meets our needs.

Right now, said fridge is a little more than taxed.

I should add that over the summer, we disposed of our broken basement fridge during a dumpster purge and haven’t replaced that extra space.

Limited supermarket runs mean that when we do go, we are purchasing a greater volume each visit.

Baking and cooking experiments are filling parts of the day and end products are taking valuable, unusual space.

Cooking and ordering larger quantities means more leftovers in containers of varying shapes and sizes.

Fitting things in isn’t the problem, though, thanks to a clever husband with an engineering background.

It’s the fact that the items in the fridge are playing a game of musical chairs and the teenagers, especially the male one, are struggling to find the spot where the items land.

“Why can’t we just put things back where they belong?” he quips.

Pro-tip for those who are challenged by change – be flexible, be kind, and know that all will be well.

Even in the refrigerator puzzle.

5 thoughts on “Refrigerator Puzzle

  1. I was envisioning a master game of tetris as you described this puzzle and was surprised that it was your teenage son who wants things put back where they go. We will adjust, as will the fridge. Great idea taking the POV of an object these days as everything is a little out of whack!

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  2. Thanks for sharing something that we can all relate to, even your son’s feelings of something being where it’s supposed to be. I also love how you began several sentences with verbs. I think we all are using our fridges differently and your wording brought your kitchen, family, and fridge to life.

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