Dear Momma – One More Thing

March 24, 2020

Dear Momma,

I’m ready. I’m resting my head on your lap. Nudging your arms with my snout.

Do you see me?

You’ve been sitting at the back table tapping your fingers like they are dancing. Sometimes it looks like you might be in a race!

One more thing.

Your feet aren’t ready. Those fuzzy things won’t keep you warm when we go outside.

Shoes. That’s what you need.

Please, pretty please, will you sit on the steps and put your shoes on?

Oh good. You are sitting and taking off the fuzzies.

It’s cold out there. I know because I’ve already been out in the back yard a few times.

One more thing.

Coat. The long blue one with the bright orange fur.

I hope you grab that one to stay warm and dry!

Phew! You read my mind.

One more thing.


Don’t forget them!

You will end up hiding your hands inside your coat to keep them from freezing.

One more thing.

Leash. I see it hanging on the hook.

You go to grab it, but then you place it next to me.

What’s going on?

I know I don’t love the gentle lead, but you need to put it on me, not next to me.

One more thing.

You open the door to the basement.

Where are you going?

I hear Jackson add sarcastically, “You might want to go take a nap while you wait.”

But I’ve been waiting. Patiently, I might add.

I hear the dryer door open, then close. Quick footsteps getting louder.

Finally, you are back!

Let’s go!

One more thing.

You grab some crinkly white things and put them in your coat.

You ask me to sit while you put my leash on my neck.

I look outside and see giant white dots falling from the sky.

This is one more thing that I don’t mind.

Signing off with love,



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