Mindset Matters

I can’t help but wonder what the state of our country would be under different leadership.

Would people still be filled with fear?

Maybe there would still be toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues on store shelves.

Would people follow directives for social distancing to flatten the curve?

Maybe the public would know that this is not a vacation and stay home voluntarily.

Would schools have closed for shorter periods of time?

Maybe we could have learned from China, Italy, and Iran and gotten ahead instead of behind.

Our lives are drastically different, and yet we are still a country divided.

Maybe we need to be thankful for local leaders who have had to take ahold of the reigns and make tough decisions for the greater good.

Thank you for showing up. For making the tough calls. For trying to rally your constituents.

Someone needed to step in and be a real leader.

2 thoughts on “Mindset Matters

  1. This is so true. I enjoyed the way you set this up as a then and now. I also applaud our local leaders; in California, we are calling in “Safer at Home” instead of a lock-down or shelter in place because of our leaders.


  2. I agree that this is so true, and it is also dispiriting that the country is still divided on a serious problem that needs to bring us together if .we are to deal with it effectively. Here is New York leadership has been mixed. The governor has mostly been pretty good on what is needed, but the long-term feud between him and New York City’s mayor kept him from declaring the “stay at home” for some time — the mayor has been calling for that order for days, but as late as Wednesday, the governor was saying that would never happen. Then, last night, it finally happened. It does make it very difficult for us ordinary people to know what to do, especially those of us at somewhat higher risk. Thank you for saying this so succinctly.


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