Eleven Questions.

One for each day you were in the wilderness. Off the grid. Unable to ask.

I promise not to bombard you with them all at once. Though I am eager to know your responses.

1.  What was the first noise that made your body shift into fight or flight?

2.  What day did you feel that you got into a somewhat comfortable routine?

3.  Who did you bond with the most – a classmate or a leader?

4.  What is something that you were surprised you could do?

5.  Did you realize that the Playmobil family Dad packed was modeled after ours?

6.  When you gave the fist bump on your way to Solo, about what were you most anxious?

7.  Did you make your letters last over a couple of days or did you binge-read them?

8.  Whose letter was the most unexpected and why?

9.  Were you able to journal about your experiences at any point during OB?

10.  What was the best part of re-joining the group?

11.  What was the special meal on your last night?

You are catching your last winks outdoors as I close this post. When the sun rises, you will be packing up your life from the last eleven days.

I can’t wait to welcome you with a great big hug.

Words cannot express how proud I am of you.

5 thoughts on “Eleven

  1. I love your questions – they are so thoughtful and meaningful. I imagine you are going to have great conversations. Enjoy every moment of having your daughter back home!

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  2. How wise of you to ponder and record these questions, to have at the ready the day you are reunited. They will provoke detailed and deeper thinking. I hope she decides to journal her answers for safekeeping!

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  3. What a great way for you to pass this last night without this special someone. And what great questions, definitely not the kind that will be met with a shrug of the shoulders or an “I don’t know.”

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