The Scribble Game

Watching the #kidlit community come together to pool resources over the last week has been nothing short of incredible. There is a free virtual opportunity out there – oftentimes multiple ones – pretty much at every part of the day. As a parent of three teenagers, I find it odd that I’m experiencing FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on these elementary gems. But I am.

One of the first announcements I saw on Twitter was for authors who were making themselves available at a specified time daily for the foreseeable future. Jarrett Krosoczka at Studio JJK is one that caught my interest from the start. He has been offering “Draw Every Day” at 2PM weekdays on YouTube. Not having any elementary-aged kids of my own, I visited the page on Day 1 and actually participated in the exercises myself! That first day, JJK (as he is affectionately called and invites viewers to call him that or Jarrett) ended his introductory session with a game called “The Scribble Game.” He brought his 11-year old daughter into the frame and they proceeded to “play” the game onscreen.

My first thought was that this game would be a great Morning Meeting or Closing Circle Activity in the classroom. Sadly, I thought, when will that be? It’s a game you really need to play with at least one other person, so I couldn’t do it alone.

After dinner last night, I enlisted our youngest daughter Caroline, (15), to humor me and play a round of the game. I had her pick her color and I picked mine. I asked her if she wanted to scribble first or be the one to complete the scribble. She wanted me to scribble first. I tried not to think too hard and just let the marker move on the page with a flourish. She looked at it and immediately feigned being stuck. I think she was expecting the scribble to instantly become something and clearly that wasn’t the case. I explained to her that she could turn the page in any way that inspired her, making the scribble take on a different angle. She settled on turning the scribble clockwise and was able to create an underwater scene. IMG_5665

She laughed, she rolled her eyes, and she loosened up. I took this as a sign that maybe we could play another round. She consented. Reader, we played 6 rounds, alternating jobs, and probably could have played even more! My favorite scribble is this one as she turned my scribble upside-down and made it into a fancy glass complete with accompanying wine glasses and an open-corked wine bottle!IMG_5666

If you haven’t checked out Studio JJK yet, hop on over to YouTube at 2PM or use the playback function to catch up on all that you’ve missed! I’m excited to infuse some family fun into our social distancing plan and creative ideas like The Scribble Game are easy, require few materials, and most of all, are inclusive!

2 thoughts on “The Scribble Game

  1. We played this as one of our notebook activities with eighth graders. They loved it. It reminds me of a long-ago graduate class focused on teaching the “gifted” (aren’t they all) using the Torrance test. Man, I’m old!


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