Little Red Wagon

You arrived as a gift from Gramma and Grampa.

Within months, your clones were sent to each of the cousins.

little red wagon

Your seat belts held our first babies,

Two peas in a pod – precious cargo.

little red wagon

You helped the kids enjoy the St. Phil’s Fair,

Offering a resting spot for tired little feet.

Your regal red caught the attention of the local photographer.

Our visit to my alma mater captured for all to see.

little red wagon

Your bench seats welcomed the kids for adventures,

Short or long, you didn’t seem to mind.

A favorite destination – the fountain across the street.

little red wagon

You established yourself in the household.

The kids transformed you over and over again.

A baby carriage.

A taxi to take each other for a ride.

I think you were even a boat.

The possibilities were endless.

little red wagon

Long days.

Short years.

You were always ready.

little red wagon

Time has passed.

You have been demoted to a catch-all for a variety of balls,

game pieces, empty earbud holders.

little red wagon

Today I emptied you and took you for a spin into the sunshine.

You were sluggish from lack of use.

Once we got going, you were smoother.

It was my turn to transform you into a wheelbarrow as ours broke.

Piles of leaves filled your inside cavity.

Not once did you complain.

little red wagon

Taking me back to a simpler time.

Reminding me to notice the little things.




2 thoughts on “Little Red Wagon

  1. We used our little blue wagon as much as we used the stroller. It broke a few years ago, but my children are too big for it now anyway. I do think about getting a new one to use around the yard though. I love that you shared this little memory. I felt very sentimental about having to get rid of our broken wagon!

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