On the Bus

last bus

literally the only available bus on the south shore of Massachusetts

where’s the bus?

late bus

teachers are huddled in the dark pre-dawn hours with no bus in sight

we hear it before we see it

on the bus

cold bus

limited to two temperature extremes of sauna heat or arctic chill

mostly a refrigerator on wheels

on the bus

turbulent bus

speeding down the highways faster than it should, anything but smooth

ba-boom ba-boom on repeat

on the bus

chatty bus

buzzing with conversation making plans for the day ahead

daylight fills the space

on the bus

loyal bus

arriving at our destination safely, ahead of schedule

ready or not, here we come

off the bus


5 thoughts on “On the Bus

  1. It was the BEST way to travel! I have arrived for this event in so many ways and to me this is the most memorable! I loved the chats, the laughs, the personal connections, and the true LOVE of the learning on that bus. I am reserving my seat for March NOW. Best PD crew ever. (and you matched me to a book and Erica convinced me it was time to read an adult book – thank you both for nudging me!)

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    • Thanks! I tried to comment on your post, but wasn’t able to figure it out on the bulb site! Love your full circle moment and can definitely appreciate the significance of your son creating a pumpkin for you. Savor the sweetness! We both have Jacksons, too!


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