Chasing the Sun

Three soggy days in a row

We woke to gentle showers

Starting the day with a clean slate

Stuck in a pattern of wetness


Imagine our surprise

When the sky brightened a little

A blanket of clouds lurked above

But someone wanted to visit


Lunch was barely finished

Plates left piled in the sink

Everything could now wait

We were going to chase the sun


Suits were donned

Paddles and life preservers packed

Two chairs added for good measure

Could we enjoy this time at the lake?


The bridge was closed

A detour added time to the trip

Seemed like forever to get to the dirt road

All the while looking up to the sky


We were the lake’s only guests

The picnic table rested unclaimed

We set up camp for a bit

A horn tooted and family joined us


The kayaks came out

We squeezed in a swim to the island

A few more pages of books got read

Do we dare try to pick blueberries?


The first drops of new rain surfaced

But we expected them this time

We caught the sun

And savored the best part of the day.



4 thoughts on “Chasing the Sun

  1. Rainy kayaking can be fun. (I used to canoe in light to medium rain as a kid. At first, I found it awful, but then it became kind of magical for me. Plus, it’s a lot cooler to canoe when the sun isn’t beating down on you.)

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