Mad Dash

When did storm prep become so complicated?  The growing to do list feels like a giant mad dash with no end in sight.

My mind is working on overdrive.  These are just some of the things swirling around in my head, in no particular order, that have risen to the surface long enough to name.

Make sure to:

Walk the dog…heaven knows when we’ll get out on the sidewalks again!

Empty the compost before it gets buried beyond recognition.

Take the flag inside so it doesn’t blow away.

Bring in the wreath from the front door as it’s too fragile to weather these winds.

Fill up the car’s tank with gas.

Unlock the back garage door to be able to get cars out.

Charge all devices to full battery potential.

Run a load of laundry and pray that the power stays on through both washing and drying.

Fit in a Facebook Live workout before WiFi goes out.  I know, this is not a huge priority, but a concern nonetheless!

Complete my slice and post for same reason as above.

Plans started days ago as I ventured to the supermarket.  I’m still thinking of more preparations and the storm has been raging for close to twelve hours already.

Did the Blizzard of ’78 create such a mad dash?  Things seemed simpler forty years ago.  Then again, I was a child, and my memories are filled with long walks to town on super wide streets, playing outside in the igloo we made with the gigantic amounts of snow piled at the foot of our driveway, and waiting for my father to make it home on foot from Providence.  The no car thing is still a puzzle to me.

Apparently, that storm crippled the Northeast.  Not in my memories.  No mad dash then like there seems to be now.  If memory serves, that blizzard took most people by surprise.  Would I have preferred ignorance of this storm?  Not exactly.  But a girl can dream.

Looking forward to surrendering to the mad dash.

6 thoughts on “Mad Dash

  1. I remember preparing for Y2K! Not the blizzard of ’78. I just remember mountains of snow and a huge ice storm. We may have lost power, but back then I don’t think we relied on it quite so much. You sure sound prepared. Here’s to a safe snowfall.


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