Mail Woes

It used to be that every once in a blue moon, a package addressed to a member of our family would go missing.

Then, this event started happening with increased frequency.  If I think back to when the change occurred, it seems to have correlated with when we started a family.  The odds increase when there are more people to manage, right?

At one point, we figured out that some of missing items were being delivered to a street with a similar name in our town.  Library and Liberty – close, but NOT the same!  I chuckle when I think back to the replacement crib sides that were dropped there.  Who wants crib sides without the crib?  A handknit stocking also made its way there as well as some pretty bold Brazilian-inspired bathing suits for our girls when they were about 6 and 8 years old.

I get it.  Mistakes happen.  But when you receive something that isn’t addressed to you and clearly you did not order, shouldn’t you try to return it at least to the shipper so it can safely make its way to its intended recipient?

We actually visited the address when the stocking went missing.  Funny thing, it was opened and they had no intention of returning it!  Maybe they needed a stocking to hang at Christmas?  I’m happy to report that we took the stocking and wrapped it as a gift without much fanfare.

So what’s a girl to do when another package goes missing?  We call the store, investigate, and oddly enough, find out that the package was sent to the similar address initiated from their system, but with our daughter’s name on it.  A different kind of mistake, but a missing package just the same.

A new Tiffany bracelet is on its way, but what about the first one sent?  Will the mistaken recipient return it, or will it become the opener’s favorite new piece of jewelry?  Your guess is as good as mine!


4 thoughts on “Mail Woes

  1. Wow, that is disappointing to hear of your trials with package delivery. A few of my delivery services have taken a picture of where they’ve left the package as evidence of its delivery. Perhaps you could exchange your sought-after package with a few homemade cookies and a comment to the homeowner, “What an inconvenience to be bothered with our deliveries! I’m sorry, and thank you for being kind enough to accept them for us. I’ve put a call in to the delivery company so you shouldn’t be disturbed any more.” Good luck to you. 📬📦

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  2. I actually had that happen with my oldest daughter’s senior picture. Excuse me, why do you want pictures of my daughter that you don’t know. Plus I was out the pictures that we had planned to hand out to the family at Christmas. Very frustrating problem.

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