Fallen From Grace

We listened, we knew.

A storm of gigantic proportion was on its way.

Preparations were made.

Winds blew in faster than cars on the Autobahn.

Rain pounded mercilessly on every surface it could reach.

Trees of varying sizes fell across roads and yards,

Blocking passage at the most inopportune time.


Amidst this mayhem, you stood tall, regal almost.

A beacon of light.

A reminder of home.

How many times had you guided us safely up the steps?

Or let the outside world know we were around?

Looking back now, it’s easy to remember,

Your slightly crooked stance.

Were you tired from your long hours on the job?

Losing sleep when you needed to constantly be on?

Old age can creep up on us when we least expect.

Everyday wear and tear may seem unkind.

Impossible to escape.


In the aftermath, there you were.

A loyal friend, hunched over your strong base.

Dangling from the source that feeds you.

Miraculously, your light still shone!

Though we helped you come down,

As you need to be checked.

Parts of you are now broken,

It saddens us to see.

We want you to heal,

Let the professionals restore you to better than new.


You may have fallen from grace,

But it’s just a temporary status.

We need you back ASAP,

To light the way once again.

Take care, dear lamp.

Your post awaits.

11 thoughts on “Fallen From Grace

    • Thanks! We are hoping to fully restore, but worst case, we can put up a reproduction if beyond repair. This was the mother of all storms and we’ve been here almost 20 years! Thanks for reading and reflecting!


    • Thanks! Power is back on, so no more excuses to escape housework! I’ve enjoyed writing “odes” recently as it’s fun to use personification! Keeps me on my toes to help my 4th graders, too! The other one I wrote was “Wounded Soles.” Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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    • Thanks for reading! Now, we just need to remember not to switch on the non-existent lamp! I’ve temporarily placed some mustache duct tape over the switch to alarm us if we try out of sheer habit!


  1. Until I read the last stanza I would have sworn this was about friend, which in a way it is.. We all have those steadfast friends, those beacons who are our calm ports in life’s storms. But every now and then, even the steadfast need someone to hold fast.
    May your beacon shine brightly once again.

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