Unwritten Rule

There are some parts of the classroom teacher job description that are simply understood – the unwritten rules – shared between grade level partners.

Picture me shouting from the rooftops that the most important thing is to know your GLP’s birthday by heart!  Make reminders in multiple places, because forgetting is simply a travesty of justice.

Commit the date to memory!

It was the end of the day on Friday, after a full week of school.  Students had left the classroom, and we could leave contractually in about 5 more minutes.  I heard the words, “Enjoy your birthday.”  A lightbulb went off in my tired, scattered brain as I remembered that November is the month, but I was unsure of the exact day.

Commit the date to memory!

“You have a birthday coming up,” I said through the walls as we packed up to go home for the weekend.

“It’s today,” she said matter-of-factly.

Commit the date to memory!

My heart jumped skittishly as I realized that the whole school day had passed and not once did I recognize its significance.  My classroom phone rang and the moment was lost.  By the time I was off the phone, she was already backing out of her parking spot.

Commit the date to memory!

My head tried to catch up with my heart as I wracked my brain for how this could have happened.  I didn’t have the date recorded in my new planner for 2017-18.  This helped to make the case for adding the date into my phone under her contact information so it would be stored in perpetuity.  Sadly, I hadn’t taken this step either.  Then there were the morning messages that surely would have announced her birthday, only the intercom in my classroom is faulty and spoken words are fuzzy and unclear at best.

Commit the date to memory!

So what does a guilty grade level partner do about a forgotten birthday?  She bakes the most scrumptious concoction she knows and hopes that a slice of decadent chocolate torte will right the wrong and restore balance to the team.

On the seventeenth day of November, a kind, generous, incredibly smart woman graced this earth.  I am humbled to call her my grade level partner.

Happy Birthday!


12 thoughts on “Unwritten Rule

  1. Love the repetition of “Commit the date to memory!” I’m sure she appreciated your thoughtfulness even a day late because you didn’t just dismiss it. It’s always wonderful to be cared about that much.


  2. Oh boy! One of those no no moments we wish never would happen. I think we try to be thoughtful but our day is so full of thoughts sometimes we get swept away. I am sure the chocolate torte will do its job.


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