The Ubiquitous Grey Sweatpant

Can it really be?  Three years of waiting for the ubiquitous grey sweatpant?

“I ask every year for a pair of grey sweatpants,” Jackson claimed as the temperatures plummeted and his go-to shorts no longer cut the mustard.  “Maybe this will be my year,” my son commented sarcastically.

I distinctly remember hosting one of Jackson’s friends during a winter break.  Yes, you guessed it – a magic three years ago!  His friend was wearing a brand new pair of grey Under Armour sweatpants.  I would later find out that his mom bought the sweatpants that morning especially for the occasion as we would be outside for several hours in the month of January and he was otherwise ill-equipped.  Jackson discreetly whispered, “Those are the sweatpants I want, Mom.”  Reflecting back, I’m not sure why we didn’t run out and do the same thing!  Perhaps a combination of sticker shock and the sameness of the teenage “uniform” is to blame for the delay in purchasing the desired leg coverings.

Fast forward to present time and the plea for sweatpants returns.  So, like many other residents south of Boston, we trekked to the South Shore Plaza late Saturday afternoon.  It was our hope that the plethora of stores contained within the plaza’s walls would have something we could purchase that would fit the bill.

Reader, I kid you not – it was if Olympia Sports knew my son’s pain.  Their advertising seemed to pop out at us like neon signs, beckoning us to enter.  Multiple signs boasted fleece sales – buy one, get one 70% off.  It seemed like a tease at first because there were virtually no size smalls remaining on the racks.  He took a few pairs into the fitting room unenthused.  The first couple didn’t work – too baggy, way too long, too pegged at the ankle – you get the idea.  We even considered the Kids’ XL sizing – no dice.  It seemed hopeless.  Honestly, I think his need took over and miraculously, he was able to settle on two different pairs – one, a Nike cotton fleece, the other a synthetic option from Under Armour.

Was it worth the wait?  Considering that boy and grey sweatpants were virtually inseparable the next day, I’d conclude an astounding yes!  Some of the snippets of comments heard the day after went something like this:  “I just love the feel of sweatpants on my legs” and “they are so soft” as he repeatedly smoothed the outer surface like he was petting his most loyal furry companion.

Oddly enough, rekindling a love of sweatpants with a shorts guy was very satisfying for this mom.


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