Oh, Restless Night

“I thought you said you shut all of the storm windows earlier today?” my husband questioned me with a faint note of annoyance and just a hint of underlying concern.

Oh, restless night!

It’s now 11:30PM and what started off innocently enough with a gentle rain sweetening the air a few hours earlier, has now turned angry and threatening, slamming heavy rain drops against closed windows.  The wind is howling, banging against the walls of the house and thrashing against the shutters.  Audible drops of water are making their way through the chimney as the rain pours onto the house.

Oh, restless night!

We make our way through all three floors of the house swiftly and silently, pushing up screens and pulling down storm windows while the rain beats relentlessly against all surfaces, teasing us as it tries to enter the open spaces even for the briefest of moments.

Oh, restless night!

Meteorologists tried to warn us of the storm’s potential impact, but we didn’t take it too seriously as we’ve been fooled before.  Earlier in the day, as the sky darkened and looked even more ominous, I asked my daughter to text my husband.  She wrote:  “Mom said for u and Jackson to bring the glass table and chairs in the garage before the rain and wind. DON’T BE LAZY.”  A one-word reply came back almost instantly: “Nope.”

Oh, restless night!

Cars are parked in the driveway, not the garage where they should be.  Why is that, you may ask?  Well, our teenage son has taken over the garage with his hockey set-up – interlocking plastic tiles arranged in front of a net to encourage shot practice.  There is a feeling of urgency to get the cars inside before the weather really turns sour.  Jackson’s not using the practice space nearly as often as he used to, and besides, he’s taking up very valuable real estate!

Oh, restless night!

Finally, I lay in bed, cocooned by my covers, hoping that my husband’s even breathing will lull me to sleep.  Instead, I am wide awake, my thoughts swirling around inside my head making me feel like I am spinning inside a washing machine on the “extra spin” cycle.  I imagine the worst case scenarios and these devastating outcomes occupy my thoughts and hold my dreams hostage.

Oh, restless night!

Somehow, I manage to find some sleep and the sounding of my alarm at 5:30AM seems  a bit cruel and unfair.  I wake up with fully-functioning power, and quickly move downstairs to assess potential damage from the late evening’s ugly visitor. A massive tree branch did fall, but on the lawn, averting the driveway and sparing the cars.  Our vehicles are mostly untouched, just wrapped in pine needles and leaves that brushed gently along their outer shells.  Four chairs and the round glass table are barely out of place and in fine shape.

Oh, restless night!

I realize how lucky I am to have only had a restless night.  I will happily welcome a night like this, where cleanup is minimal and life goes on almost without a hitch.  After all, we only experienced a fraction of the devastation and inconvenience that our fellow Americans have endured during the wrath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Jose.  Continued well wishes are sent to those still waiting to resume life as “usual” – whatever that may be.



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